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Booking Express Travel knows that The Mayans are highly renowned for their supposed December 2012 World Ending Calendar. It looks like they were wrong. Besides this, the Yucatan Peninsula also has other hosts of things you will experience when visiting one of the first and oldest known world civilizations.

So how do you visit the Mayan pyramids today? Booking Express Travel will help with that. Visit our lobby, and one of our helpful staff will assist with arranging a tour, or you can also rent a car and visit on your own.

Mayan pyramid in Uxmal, Yucatan, Mexico

There are three states in Mexico associated with Mayan culture due to the ancient pyramids already standing strong on sites.

If you plan to visit the Mayan pyramids, you will probably need to book one of our Booking Express resorts within any of those three mentioned areas. Here are some of the things you will need to consider when arranging your flights to start your journey.

A flight to Cancun, which is where you should begin your journey to the Mayan Pyramids, is quite affordable. Cancun offers some of the most fabulous hotels and resorts in Mexico, such as Booking Express Travel, and that’s why most people here are tourists.

Generally, our resorts come with an inclusive package, depending on the resort you wish to check-in, which means you don’t have to worry about carrying any cash except for the odd gratuity. Before you leave home, the best thing to do is to stop by your local bank and pick up 30 One dollar bills. The items included in your reservation are meals as well as both soft and hard drinks. Remember that you need to deal with our concierges specializing in Mayan Pyramids, and there are several you could find at the resort.

Booking Express Travel is here to assist you in choosing the best cultural sites and provide you with transportation and a place to stay. There are more other sites that you should include in your list, such as Tulum, and the resort will advise you accordingly. Try the Booking Express Travel experience and see why we have become the choice of many.

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