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Booking Express Travel Reviews
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 29 reviews
 by Julie J
Dear Booking,

Thank you so much for your time and patience with us. The week in Daytona was really lovely. The condo was on the beach. We stayed there before but never in a highrise on the beach with ocean views.
This program is the best deal ever. We paid less than the dump we stayed in in the past.

 by Judy H
Hello Ann,

So nice to be back your hot weeks are amazing Steamboat Landing at Fort Walton Beach in Florida was the best ever. $549.00 for a one-bedroom with a view of the ocean. Best everrrr.

 by RJ

Best service and love the one on one—US voice with a person who understands my needs.
Love it

 by Cathy K
Booking Express

Travel with you guys is so much more hassle-free. We had an issue at check-in. I called you; the clerk said just one moment and fixed it in a few moments with apologies. Love it

 by Ryan and Perla Baker, San Diego CA
Vegas was a blast!

Thanks for all the help planning and making that trip happen, was super easy to travel, we were concerned about Covid and masks and the team helped us with all concerns and plans to make the trip fun and easy, bug shout out to Carol for helping with the booking, look forward to our next trip!

 by James Clarke and Michael Franklin
Hi Ann

Had a great week in Cancun, aside from the last day being pre hurricane, we got out before it went through! Great trip, great service at the resort and will book again soon.

 by Douglas and Guadalupe Cruz

Very pleased with the service, and the quality of the resort we booked in Orlando. It was a great 2 bedroom apartment and we had a blast. kids had their own room, the pool was fun and the location was close to the parks. Easy to book, and use and the hot weeks were a great price.

 by Susan and Alex Schroeder Tucson, AZ

We bought in 2020 right before the Pandemic started and were concerned about travel and the program. We just used it for the first time in Sedona and have a week booked for Puerto Vallarta in Jan. Was easy, great resort and helpful team. Very happy so far with the program and the pricing!

 by Frank J
Thank you,

The week in Gulf Shores was great beautiful warm water, not too many people. Just perfect. You folks are good at your work, You can tell by the sound of your voice.

 by DeAnne
Dear Staff,

Booking Express Travel was the best decision we ever made. Four vacations in 18 months are something we never di or were able to afford. Thank you.

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