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Booking Express Travel Reviews
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 40 reviews
 by Mike and Donna G

Booking Express Travel has been an invaluable partner for our family vacations. Their service is excellent, and their prices are unbeatable. We especially appreciate having the full kitchen in each of the units we rent, which helps us save money on meals. It's a great way to get away without breaking the bank.

 by Janet and Alex M

Booking Express Travel has been an amazing service for our family trips. We are able to find the perfect accommodation that fits into our budget, and it comes with all the amenities we need. The Staff is always friendly and helpful, making sure our stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

 by Rory J

Booking Express Travel has been a great way to book travel for us when planning our vacations. Their customer service is top-notch and the resorts they have available are upscale and perfect for any type of traveler. We're always happy with the prices we pay, which are typically lower than what we would pay at budget motels, so it's definitely worth considering if you're looking to save some money while still enjoying an amazing vacation!

 by Jim D
Hello Booking

Mike made our vacation planning so much easier! We were able to find amazing resorts for a fraction of the cost, and their staff was always friendly and helpful. It's nice knowing that I can trust them to help us plan our vacations without breaking the bank.

 by Meg J
Dear Staff,

These folks have forever changed the way I plan vacations. The user-friendly website and wide selection of resorts, condos, and other vacation packages make planning my trips easy. I can always find great deals that fit my budget while still having access to high-quality accommodations.

 by John and Viv M
Hello All,

Booking Express has been a great resource when planning my vacations. I love that I can compare prices and access exclusive deals, making it easier than ever to find the best destination at the best price.

 by Tom and Brenda R

I recently used Booking Express to book our family vacation in Daytona, and it was a great experience. The membership is so easy to use, and the prices were unbeatable. We got an amazing deal on a luxury resort we never thought we could afford, and our stay was even better than expected!

 by Henry and Brenda R
Booking Express has made planning a great Aruba vacation so easy

We have saved so much money on our trips, and we love the wide selection of accommodations available. The membership is great for booking nice resorts quickly, and I can't believe how easy it is to book a dream vacation in Orlando!

 by Jacob and Jerri D
Highly recommend!

I am happy with my last vacation in Quebec, Canada, we had the best time ever. It has made going on vacation so much easier, and I know that I'm getting a great deal every time. The condo was stunning on a ski hill, and I've never been disappointed with the experience.

 by Loli D
Booking Express has made planning our vacations so much easier.

With the membership, we get access to all kinds of great deals and discounts on vacation rentals. We can easily compare prices and amenities to make sure we find exactly what we need for each trip.

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