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Booking Express Travel members have traveled many a mile and have some great stories and adventures to share with our staff. Here are some top choices for 2023.

A new year means fantastic new and exciting opportunities, and for avid travelers such as yourself, and if not you soon will be, one of the best parts of the 2023 new year is a unique chance to travel the world.

Now is when vacationers are beginning their 2023 plans for wandering the world and considering all the destinations and attractions available to them in the coming months.

For all the travelers out there who want to ensure that they have the getaway of a lifetime, Booking Express Travel recommends some fantastic destinations to enjoy this year!


This New York destination is an excellent choice for those who want a quaint, quiet, and relaxing vacation getaway. Home to several charming resorts, Booking Express Travel points out that this is a lovely vacation destination in the United States.

Travelers who visit the Catskill area can choose from a seemingly endless list of activities, such as visiting local antique shops and taking walks or hiking in the beautiful Catskill countryside.

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Wasatch Mountains:

For ski buffs who enjoy a winter wonderland early in the year, we highly recommend these beauties in Utah. Scattered with several beautiful resorts and offering some of the most exceptional skiing in the USA, the Wasatch Mountain area is ideal for skiing through the frosty mountain air. There will also be several new resorts in the area this year, offering vacationers new and exciting culinary and many other things to do and see.

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Prince Edward Island:

A trip to this destination in Prince Edward Island, Canada, will give vacationers a picturesque landscape as the backdrop to their many wine-tasting excursions. Along with the many 40 wineries in the area, travelers can also enjoy the local boutiques, the orange-colored dunes of Sandbanks Provincial Park, and several other local small-town adventures. Booking Express Travel recommends this affordable vacation destination for a great 2023 getaway this year.

Booking Express Travel Reviews the Top 2023 Travel Picks 3

Choosing the perfect destination is the first step to a vacation that will give you memories for years. Additionally, traveling, in general, offers several benefits for the mind, body, and soul.

As individuals begin calling and planning their travel today, Booking Express Travel encourages them to travel more and take advantage of fantastic destinations like these. For more information on the best travel choices all year round.

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